Intellectual Property

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane intellectual property lawyers can assist you with:

  • Trademarks, patents, designs & copyright identification & protection
  • Brand protection
  • Research, development & creation of ideas, concepts & products
  • IP ownership, registration & statutory protection strategies
  • Commercialisation strategies
  • Risk management
  • Income distribution & tax minimisation
  • Commercial documentation including joint ventures, franchising, distribution, licensing & manufacturing agreements
  • Restraint of trade & confidential information
  • Infringements & passing off
  • Enforcement issues such as letters of demand, litigation, negotiation & mediation
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Intellectual property can be your competitive advantage and one of your most valuable business assets. Regardless of whether you are a sole trader, small business or large organisation, every business has confidential information and copyright material that needs to be identified and protected. Product design, trade secrets, client lists, databases and templated documents all form part of intellectual property. Many businesses also have trademarks, logos, patents and designs that need protection.

Business names and logos are important as this is how customers recognise your business and formulate an identity of who you are. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that registering a business name or domain name will stop other companies or competitors from using an identity that is substantially identical or deceptively similar to their business. However, without proper protection and enforcement of your intellectual property anyone may use this information which may have the affect of damaging your company and reputation.

If your business name or logo is registered as a trade mark, and you can demonstrate that someone else has a logo/name that is substantially identical or deceptively similar to your trademark then the other business must cease using your registered logo/name.

As a result, our experienced team of lawyers in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast keep a commercial focus on the latest developments in intellectual property, to deliver positive legal solutions that provide comprehensive and secure protection for business assets. By helping you every step of the way, we aim to protect you from unnecessary legal disputes.

Our Gold Coast and Brisbane intellectual property lawyers under the direction of Managing Director, Michael Sing, can advise you on a range of intellectual property matters such as trade marks, confidential information (know-how, trade secrets and business reputation), business and employee restraints, copyright, designs and patents to advice on entertainment law, domain names, security interests in intellectual property, licensing, franchising and related aspects of commercial law and other legal areas dealing with technology.

In many cases, business owners are not aware of the extent or value of their intellectual property until it is challenged, misappropriated or copied. We subscribe to a proactive approach to intellectual property protection. We can assist with an audit of your intellectual property firstly to identify what and where it is in your business. However, identifying your intellectual property is only the beginning – the next step is protecting it.

MSL have conducted several major intellectual property disputes including, patent infringement litigation in the Federal Court, securing injunctions and damages for employee breach of restraint of trade and confidential information, WIPO domain name dispute, and trade mark infringements. We also work with our commercial lawyer to conduct intellectual property due diligence where the sale or purchase of a business involves such assets. The pre-sale audit and due diligence of a company’s intellectual property can often have a significant impact on the decision to buy or sell and the value placed on the business.

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Whether you are just starting a business, or growing an existing organisation, identifying, protecting and enforcing your IP is just one the legal services MSL can assist with. Our commercial lawyers can help you with your business structure to help make the most of your IP, and our workplace lawyers can help you with employment contracts to protect your trade secrets. Moreover, should you need to litigate, our commercial litigation team can help you with your matter. At MSL, we are a full-service legal firm, which means it is easier to complete these changes in one convenient location. For more information please visit our workplace law, litigation, commercial and property pages, or contact our Brisbane lawyers or Gold Coast lawyers.


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